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Resources for Gardening in Sonoma County

In this section you will find basic information on how to  grow your own fruits and vegetables all year long in Sonoma County.

Planting Guides

First Steps and Gardening How To's

  • Getting Started with Home Grown Food 
    Here are some basic ideas to get started planning your food garden.
  • Growing Vegetables
    A Sonoma County Master Gardener guide that tells how to plan a vegetable garden and how to prepare and plant the garden.
  • Transforming Your Lawn into a Food Garden
    Techniques to convert lawn into food plants.
  • Basic Fruit Tree Planting and Care
    A guide to choosing, planting, and maintaining fruit trees.
  • Feed the Soil-So It Can Feed You
    Cover crops, mulch, and compost can greatly improve your soil health.
  • Hints for Composting                                                                                                                         
    This Master Gardener document outlines the basics of composting and gives tips for faster composting, reducing particle size, watering and aerating, and more.
  • The Climate-Friendly Gardener
    A guide to combating global warming from the ground up.
  • Water-wise Food Gardening
    How can you grow food without going over your water budget? This simple guide provides water-wise watering tips and irrigation information. 
  • Residential Rainwater Management
    With more concrete and blacktop, it is harder for rainwater to replenish groundwater supplies.  Fortunately, there are simple low-cost things that we can do to prevent runoff that can also beautify our gardens and property. 

Community Gardens

  • Community Garden Network of Sonoma County
    This Network was formed in early 2012 to connect and support Sonoma County's many (80 and counting) community gardens. It is dedicated to providing access to resources, gardening leadership training, technical assistance, fund development support, and other services to community gardens throughout the county and to facilitating communication and partnership among community garden organizers, garden members, and the larger community. A directory of Community Gardens on the website is extensive and is updated frequently, organized by city.
  • Community Garden Start-Up Guide
    A step-by-step guide to creating a community garden in your neighborhood.
  • Community Garden Resources in Sonoma County.  A list of links and resources that will be helpful to people starting or maintaining a community garden.
  • Creating a Neighborhood Garden Wheel
    How to work with your neighbors and friends to create and nurture food gardens throughout the neighborhood.

Garden Materials and Supplies

Check with your local hardware store or nursery for soil amendments and other garden supplies. If you need more specialized materials, look in the Yellow Pages under “Landscaping Equipment Supplies” or “Irrigation Systems and Equipment”. Also, be sure to check the iGROW Garden Calendar for local events where garden supplies or produce are available.

Testing your Soil

If you’d like to test your soil for pH (i.e., level of acidity or alkalinity), organic matter, and macro and micro-nutrients, Harmony Farm Supply (www.harmonyfarm.com) is a local agent for A&L Labs, which performs these tests on soil samples that you submit. Call Harmony for information about the soil testing process and cost at 707-823-9125.

Connect with other Gardeners

Neighbors sharing vegetables over a fenceConnecting with other food gardeners is one of the best ways to learn. Here are some ways to make the connection:

Let Us Know

Please email info@igrowsonoma.org if your neighborhood or community group has an email list for sharing gardening information and resources and would like it posted here. To start your own neighborhood gardening yahoo group, go to http://groups.yahoo.com/ and follow the instructions for ‘Start your group’.