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Harvest for the Hungry Garden

Relying exclusively on volunteer labor, the Harvest for the Hungry Garden delivers organically grown produce each week to four local hunger programs: FISH of Santa Rosa; The Living Room, a drop-in center for homeless women and children; Elisha's Pantry, and Food For Thought AIDS Food Bank. Each year we harvest approximately 10,000 lbs of fresh produce (tomatoes, carrots, beets, squash, fruit, lettuce, greens, onions and garlic) all grown on a 3/4 acre lot behind Christ Church United Methodist.

In 1987 the Harvest Garden was just two open fields. Now it boasts 28 raised beds devoted to growing organic produce, all watered with drip irrigation. It includes a Wildlife Habitat Garden, Medicinal Plant Garden, pond area, and Backyard Demonstration Garden. It is also an ecological learning center, offering classes during the spring and summer season. Our classes focus on organic gardening, herbal medicine, integrated pest control, vermiculture, native habitats and more.

About the Garden
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Sun up to Sun down
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Whether you want to learn how to garden organically, harvest food for hunger programs, help with our herb garden, foster native plants, observe the birds and the bees, grow zillions of gorgeous flowers.... You will find them all at the Harvest Garden! Volunteer hours are from 9 AM to 12 noon Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday during spring, summer, and fall. Our schedule changes seasonally, so please call before you come by, or stroll through the Garden anytime.
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Santa Rosa
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Upcoming events at Harvest for the Hungry Garden

Growing and Using Medicinal Herbs

6:30 am Santa Rosa

Replace Your Lawn with Drought Tolerant Natives

8:30 am Santa Rosa